What Is Engine Remapping And Is It Worth It?

Find your best offer from over 4,000 dealers and sell for up to £1,000 more. Celtic Tuning is a NATIONWIDE company with dealers and mobile technicians spanning the entire UK. Our headquarters is located in the south west but we have dealer coverage over the entire UK, many parts of Europe and also the rest of the world. We now offer buy now pay later at 0% interest – call us for info and to book. If you fail to mention it, your insurer may void your policy in the event of an accident and could refuse to payout.

Computer algorithms running behind the scenes while you’re driving a modern Small Business affect all sorts of parameters, such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and turbocharging boost pressure. Your car insurance WILL go up after a remap as it counts as a modification and the car becomes more powerful and therefore more likely to be in an accident. Also, you MUST tell your insurance company about the modification as otherwise, your insurance is void. Our ECU Remaps are at the forefront of the industry in terms of power and reliability.

ECU remapping in diesel hybrids can also optimise burn times and fine-tune in-cylinder pressures, giving you the best possible fuel consumption rates and even improving emissions. Chip tuning has been used since the 1980s, with the introduction of engine computers, but it is only in the last twenty years that the process of ECU remapping has really taken off. The manufacturer’s settings on newer models mean that professionals with the right equipment can carry out ECU remaps as part of a service of modern vehicles.

This new software can have customised settings to get the most out of the engine and can often be tailored to each specific vehicle. The objective for the warranty is to ensure mechanicals, such as the engine, gearbox and electrical system, work as they should. As the engine is covered in the warranty, you could be running the risk of losing money by modifying the ECU. We are Dorset’s Number One Remap Tuning And Engine Carbon Cleaning Specialist, We have been trading the longest with the most experience, Using the best GENUINE tools in the industry. All of our tuning is fully tested , insured, guaranteed and at very competitive pricing. Whether you’re looking for an economy or performance remap, get in touch with us to get a quote to remap your vehicle.

I have got my diesel cars remapped from various tuners. I wanted to know more and was doing research since a year. I joined few ECU forums / groups and got lot of information. Here at Mallory Performance we take tuning seriously with each and every car that we remap, we assure main dealer quality at a competitive price. Our 4WD Maha dyno allows us to try, test, and develop new ECU tunes for several makes and models of vehicles. We never push an engine beyond its capabilities & take huge pride in our own bespoke software & service that we offer.

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