Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

When you purchase a helmet for motorcycle riding, there are a lot of factors to consider, just as there are when purchasing any other safety gear. One important factor is the shell. The best quality shells are made with a hard polystyrene core that does not easily break or crack. This is essential to keep your head protected from injuries in case the helmet loses its protection. A Bell helmet is one of the top producers of high quality, protective helmets for motorcycle riding.

Bell Motocross Helmet A good Bell Motorcycle Helmet Face Shield For Men has all the features needed to provide excellent protection. The Bell Motocross helmet line includes three models: the Reflex, the Magnum, and the Magnum XL. The Deluxe model has face vents at the sides of the helmet. These are fully adjustable to allow optimal airflow through the helmet. It also has chin vents that can be fully closed or fully opened to provide airflow through the helmet. This feature is great for hot sunny days when airflow is important.

Bell Hi-Windscreen For Men The Bell Hi-Windscreen for Men has face guard vents that can be closed to allow air flow through the helmet. It is made out of a hard polystyrene core that does not easily break or crack. It is one of the Bell company’s most popular helmets. The windscreen is also highly adjustable to accommodate both men and women, since there are slightly different sizes for each sex. It has a removable chin pad that is fully washable, which makes it easy to keep clean and looking new. It has an ergonomic grip handle and a breath plate that can be easily removed without taking the helmet off.

Bell Full Face Helmet For Men Another Bell product is the Full Face Helmet for Men. It is the heaviest of all of Bell’s motorcycle helmets, weighing in at nearly forty pounds. It features a full face shield that will protect you from impacts to your head as well as the top and sides of your helmet. It is designed to ride well and be very comfortable on rough or uneven terrain.

Bell Hi-Windscreen For Women The Bell Hi-Windscreen for Women has an equally comfortable fit and a hard outer shell to protect your head and face in case of an accident. It also has removable straps for added comfort and features a breath deflector to prevent nasty smells from sticking to you when you helmet is not in use. This motorcycle helmet also includes a removable face shield. The breath deflector makes cleaning easier. This helmet has mesh lining so the air flow through stays clean and dry. Tips for buying ahelmet safety certifications.

There are many other Bell products you might want to check out when choosing a motorcycle helmet. If you are unsure whether a helmet meets all of your safety requirements, you should check out the Bell High End Pro-qualification criteria to see what the criteria are and how each helmet performs in the Bell Hi-Windscreen review. The Bell Hi-Windscreen review also explains if your helmet complies with state and local law, such as the Department of Transportation. If you have any additional questions about your helmet or any other Bell helmet information, you can contact customer service at Bell Customer Service by phone or online.

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