Man & Van Rubbish Clearance: the Ultimate Guide

We always try to avoid this as we have rented the skip to another customer, requiring the skip off-hire. The driver may not collect due to the skip being overloaded or the skip is obstructed or blocked. Yes, we have collected rubbish on Sundays although this will occur an out of hours surcharge and we need time to organise a team. Whatever the size of your unwanted items, we can help offer and recommend the most tailored service to your requirements.

Click the ‘Check prices & book’ button to book online any time of day, seven days a week. Read our how-to guides for more in-depth guidance on carpet disposal and carpet uplift and removal. Waste on public or private land without consent is illegal and referred to as fly-tipping. If it is tipped on private land, it is the responsibility of the landowner to remove and dispose of it safely.

Customers can easily request one or more quotes for house clearance or Rubbish Clearance services and receive same-day or next-day service. We are registered with the Environment Agency as upper tier waste carriers, brokers and dealers . Furthermore, all members listed on our website are also formally registered and carry appropriate licenses to carry out their duties.

People often want to get rid of items such as furniture, household items, clothing or toys which they no longer need, but which could be perfectly usable to someone else. Our members have a wide network of connections with organisations such as charities that enable items for re-use to be passed on for the benefit of others. However, some civilizations have been more profligate in their waste output than others. In particular, the Maya of Central America had a fixed monthly ritual, in which the people of the village would gather together and burn their rubbish in large dumps. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

In England, the “”Waste management plan for England”” presents a compilation of waste management policies. In the devolved nations such as Scotland Waste management policy is a responsibility of their own respective departments. Morocco has seen benefits from implementing a $300 million sanitary landfill system. While it might appear to be a costly investment, the country’s government predicts that it has saved them another $440 million in damages, or consequences of failing to dispose of waste properly. Book any of our services online today through our booking module. We create tailored yet simplistic waste strategies for our customers to reduce waste and increase recycling.

When segregating waste, the amount of waste that gets landfilled reduces considerably, resulting in lower levels of air and water pollution. Importantly, waste segregation should be based on the type of waste and the most appropriate treatment and disposal. This also makes it easier to apply different processes to the waste, like composting, recycling and incineration.

In 1874, the first incinerator was built in Nottingham by Manlove, Alliott & Co. However, these were met with opposition on account of the large amounts of ash they produced and which wafted over the neighbouring areas. Wasted journeys fee – When it is not our error that the skip can not be collected, we charge a fee to cover the time and fuel of the transport.

Volume is normally referred to in cubic yards or fractions of the truck. If you’re comparing prices and someone is quoting fractions of truck, remember that trucks have different sizes and therefore cheaper might not actually mean better if it’s a smaller truck. The important figure to ask for is how big is the box at the back (not how long is the truck or whether it is a 3.5 tonner or 7.5 tonner – this is just jargon designed to bamboozle the uninformed!).

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