Glarry Music Folding Stand Padd for Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Tuning stability was not bad, after arriving completely out of tune in all directions, it took a few minutes to get it to stay in tune. The neck was not bowed and the action out of the box was actually fantastic! Unfortunately the whammy bar is almost useless as it threw the guitar out of tune every time. Right off the bat, the fret work was much better than I anticipated and the neck came with a thin finish, even though I was told the necks came raw.

My experience with Glarry has been outstanding until now. My name is Baron Anastis, I am a professional bass player and vocalist. From my 25-year-experience I rate Glarry with 5 stars simply because it’s the best value for money in the market.

There was a small issue that was taken care of immediately. I would make future purchases from Glarry music. glarrymusic has a rating of 3.09 stars from 22 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Great value for money instrument for a beginner and my son loves it. I purchased a Glarry guitar to see what you get for under $100. I was impressed that it looked like a regular telecaster and was incredibly light. However, there were many issues that would require most folks to spend an additional $200 or so correct. Two of the three screws that hold the bridge on were stripped in the wood.

At the end of the day, I would say Iā€™m more impressed than disappointed because of how truly cheap the guitar is. I bought a Banjo Guitar and the instrument was unplayable. Strings were 1cm above the frets after maximum truss rod adjustment. I had to cut down the bridge and the nut just to be able to play a chord.

Six of the frets required leveling and all frets required polishing and end-filing. The neck was rough and needed sanding/steel wool. The nut was crudely done and required fine-tuning.

Discuss the issues you have had with Glarry Music and work with their customer service team to find a resolution. Absolutely stunning 3/4 guitar for my son šŸ˜ superfast delivery, and no problems at all was sent the tracking number the following day. After reading bad reviews, I was a little anxious. There was a very slight delay in receiving the confirmation email, but other than that it was super easy and I have no negatives.

Someone called back and promptly hung up on us as we were asking for a refund. I would have felt better if they took my money and not sent the piece of crap at all. Ordered a guitar, and after reading negative reviews about their scamming habits, cancelled my order. I talked to a team at glarry, and they confirmed my order was cancelled before the order shipped and that I would be entitled to a full refund. However, the company never refunded me whatsoever and I had to contest the charge to get a refund. I recently purchased one of their higher end guitars.

The pegs won’t stay in place, the fine tuners are loose and the bridge is faulty. Better off buying something at your local music store and getting a real opinion and service. At Glarry, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. This is the Glarry Official Website, selling various instruments such as guitar, violin, melodica, and various accessories related to the instrument. The Glarry brand is a combination of grace and larry, meaning products with musical dreams. I’ve ordered several products from glarrymusic and each time I am surprised by the quality a product that I receive.

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