About Weeds and Soils

If you are interested in the subject of tillage equipment then one of the first questions that you should be asking is “What about weeds?” There are three main classes of weed seedling. These are broad leaf, needle and blue grass weed. I shall divide them into two more categories.

Broad Leaf Weeds are what the name suggests, these are the larger weedy perennial weeds that settle down into the soft fertile soils to feed on the nutrients. They need not be tillaged as they grow quite fast and establish root at the surface of the ground quickly. They can be identified easily from the appearance of the underground stems. The first indication of these weeds is that they form clumps around the base of the plant in dense masses.

Needle Weeds is very small perennial weeds that grow towards the base of the plants. They have a firm stem, a short upper leaf and a bunch of alternate leaves. These can be identified by their dark green color, narrow spreading blades and short roots. They can also be identified by the white-yellow chlorophyll that covers the entire stem and the veins and blue veins that run along their stems. Blue grass weeds are another group of perennial weeds that form a carpet of grass on the soil surface. This carpet grows rapidly, deciduous and thrives best in sandy soils.

There are many other classifications of these weeds but most of them are very easy to recognize. There are some exceptions that I will discuss in later articles but for now I would like to concentrate my attention on the best methods to eliminate them from the fields. Tillage equipment such as the trencher, digging trenchers, rototiller, and even the automatic tillager all are used to till fields that are infested with weeds. The use of chemicals is also common but I will save that for another article.

Many herbivores (Farmers) prefer to till the fields that are infested with weeds using the mechanical devices that are powered by a motor or an engine. A Trencher is a rotating trencher that is used for tillage. Rototiller is an automatic machine that is powered by a rotary motion. Automatic trencher or rototiller combines both the functions of a trencher and a rototiller. It is ideal for large areas that have a lot of weeds. You can get more information about mail order marijuana.

The crop that we eat is dependent on the soil condition and the type of crops. Some of the major crops are beans, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, rye, clover, beans, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, yams, peas and onions. All these crops require good soil conditions to grow well and prosper. The soil system of the field needs to be checked often because new crops can be planted in place of old ones to replenish the soil. The weeds should be removed periodically because the crop that is being grown cannot survive if they are present in the soil system.

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