Types Of Scholarship Programs

There are many ways to receive scholarship for college students. Each scholarship varies in purpose and amount awarded, but it is possible to qualify for more than one of them. There are scholarships available for full time students, part time students, graduate students, post graduates, graduate professionals and undergraduate degree candidates. The types of scholarships vary as well as the guidelines required to be met in order to apply.

Scholarships for high school students are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and/or the High School Athletic Excellence award. The academic achievement criteria for these scholarships include passing all three required courses ( chemistry, physics and biology) in high school. The athletic eligibility criterion includes participation in the school’s team, participation on the varsity or community basketball, football, baseball and volleyball teams. For graduate students, there are several scholarship programs that are awarded depending on financial need and career goals. In order to qualify, a candidate must be in an accredited graduate program and must have a minimum GPA standing of at least 2.5.

University scholarship programs cover a wide range of academic categories such as arts, sciences, education, nursing, business, liberal arts and math. The category for graduate students is “need-based” which means that the scholarship award is based on financial need. Students who demonstrate strong academic achievements and who intend to enter law enforcement, medicine, nursing, business management or the tech field will most likely be awarded a scholarship. The amount awarded will vary and will usually be commensurate with the candidate’s expected earnings. The University scholarship is commensurate with the tuition and boarding costs, lab fees, books and other fees required to attend the University.

Federal government scholarship programs offer scholarship money to individuals or groups of people. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be an American citizen and not require public assistance to attend the college. For individuals who do not qualify for need-based government scholarships, there are also tuition assistance grants available to qualified low and middle-income students attending colleges offering degree courses. These grants are awarded on the basis of financial need. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link excelsior scholarship.

Private scholarships can be awarded on the basis of merit or on the basis of race, religion or membership in a fraternal organization. Academic merit-based private scholarships are awarded to academically talented minority students in the United States. Underrepresented minority students and economically disadvantaged individuals are also eligible for these grants. Certain organizations, like the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity and theority, also award merit-based scholarships. The exact criteria for eligibility varies from scholarship to scholarship.

Need-based aid is offered by both state and federal governments. For people with low income, Medicaid, Social Security and some other types of financial aid are available. Pell Grants are need-based financial aid for undergraduate students. FSEOGs are for professional students. Interested candidates can apply online for merit scholarships.

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