To nominate a small business owner in Mississippi

The information contained on this page should not be construed as specific legal, HR, financial, or insurance advice and is not a guarantee of coverage. In the event of a loss or claim, coverage determinations will be subject to the policy language, and any potential claim payment will be determined following a claim investigation. Commercial Liability Insurance from The Hartford provides some of the broadest insurance coverage for your Mississippi business. General Liability Insurance is included in a Business Owner’s Policy, but it also available as a stand-alone coverage.

While creating a website is an essential step, some may fear that it’s out of their reach because they don’t have any website-building experience. While this may have been a reasonable fear back in 2015, web technology has seen huge advancements in the past few years that makes the lives of Mississippi Small Businesses Near Me owners much simpler. Once you feel confident about your answers to these questions, it’s time to move onto your business name. Your business name is the cornerstone of good branding and a successful business.

Ensure access for non-citizen small business owners who are lawful U.S. residents by clarifying that they may use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to apply for the PPP. Find government-backed loans and other financing programs to start or grow a business inMississippi. The Magnolia State is home to 254,598 small businesses, making up 99.3% of companies in the state of Mississippi in 2018. In this case, small businesses in Mississippi are defined as businesses with fewer than 500 employees.1 Companies have been protecting themselves in Mississippi with business insurance from The Hartford for hundreds of years. Learn more about Mississippi small business insurance, business insuranceand more from The Hartford. Apartnership, like a sole proprietorship, is an informal unincorporated business structure but with multiple owners.

Certain coverages vary by state and may not be available to all businesses. All Hartford coverages and services described on this page may be offered by one or more of the property and casualty insurance company subsidiaries of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. The Hartford® is The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Hartford Fire Insurance Company.

If you think starting a corporation is right for your business, there are five steps to starting your business as a corporation. Additionally, you’ll need to decide the type of corporation your business will be, such as a C corporation or S corporation. If you choose not to register your company as a business entity, you will be held personally responsible for the debts and liabilities of your business. Before you write your business plan, conducting thorough market research is crucial. This can involve conducting surveys, doing search engine optimization research, or holding focus groups. The goal of market research is to better understand your target market and competitors in order to craft an effective business plan.

Americans for the Artsis providing up-to-date COVID-19 news and resources for the arts and culture field. Eligible expense — Cost incurred by an eligible business for public health measures or due to interruption of business. Have a controlling interest owned by one or more Mississippi residents, whether individual resident citizens or Mississippi domestic business entities. Was subject to any COVID-19-related state, municipal, and/or county required business closure or voluntary closure. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.

When you want to purchase real estate for a bricks and mortar business, a commercial real estate loan can provide the financing you need. At the end of this year, 1 of the 12 monthly winners will be awarded an additional Amber Grant ($25,000). So, today could be the day that puts you on the path to $35,000 in total grant funds for your business.

To nominate a small business owner in Mississippi or to find criteria and guidelines, click here. To be nominated and receive one of the following awards, the small businesses nominee must fit within the category of the award, demonstrate success in business and complete and submit the required nomination package information. WomensNet launched the Amber Grant in 1998 to honor the memory of an ambitious young woman who died at the age of 19, before she could realize her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Workers comp insurance covers employment-related injuries and illnesses regardless of fault, but can also prohibit you from filing a lawsuit against your employer for additional damages. Workers’ comp covers most working Mississippians, but there are exceptions, including domestic workers and independent contractors.3 The Mississippi Insurance Department provides updates for insurance producers, individuals, and business entities. The Hartford provides services that assist Mississippi companies in formulating plans to avoid data security breaches as well as steps to take in the event one occurs. CMPDD fosters economic development through a variety of business financing programs.

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