Online Gaming – Pros and Cons

Online games have become a trend to the young people of today. It has given them an avenue to escape the harsh reality into a fantasy world that is full of magic, adventure and animation. An online game literally is a virtual computer game which is either largely or partially played over the Internet or some other network accessible worldwide. In the past, the use of internet as medium for playing online games was restricted to educational and training purpose but now anyone with a PC and an active web connection can play these games.

The primary reason why online games have gained popularity is that it gives a chance to the players to develop his/her skills in a virtual environment. Since the advent of online games, several changes have also been made in the field of entertainment. Today, they not only provide a chance to the gamers to sharpen their skills but also, develop a strong interest in various games. As a result, there are many organizations and associations that help gamers to connect to other players and form virtual environments where gamers can share their views, ideas and opinions.

However, while playing online games most players concentrate more on the mechanics of the game itself. While playing a first person shooter, the player needs to take accurate shots at the enemies and the game provides him/her with a map of the whole virtual environment and it also enables the player to choose the best weapon, depending on the situation. The other aspect of first person shooter is that the player has to choose a particular character and follow his/her objective.

While playing multiplayer judi slot online games, players spend more time thinking about the strategies to win against the opponents rather than concentrating on the actual mechanics of the game. They spend more time thinking about what moves they should make in order to win the game rather than thinking about the next move for their characters in the in-game environment. Therefore, while playing the game, the players spend less time thinking about winning the game rather they spend more time trying to figure out what moves they should make in the next turn or what weapons they need to get the job done. This fact makes the players lose the focus and concentration required for real-time games.

This may seem surprising but most psychologists and sociologists believe that the real-time interaction required by multiplayer online games helps in sharpening the gamers’ skills and inculcate better competition and competitions are healthy. This results in the players growing into competitive individuals and helping them to increase their self-confidence. While playing these real-time games the gamers are not aware of all the other players and therefore the competition tends to build their strength and drive them to greater heights. In addition, most of the gamers prefer online gaming over real-time gaming due to this reason.

However, this advantage also has its downside as most of the players tend to neglect their surroundings and tend to become complacent after some time. In addition, it has been found that people playing video games used to spend more time chatting with other players than interacting with the environment. In this case, online gaming may prove to be a disadvantage since the player’s performance and concentration drops. Therefore, it is recommended that both young and old gamers should restrict themselves from playing video games using online modes. It should be kept in mind that excessive use of online gaming might result in negative effects on a person’s mental health.

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