Free Online Games For Samsung Halo Not Staying Connected To WiFi

Samsung has recently released some of its new handsets, and among the list is the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. With it’s release came a number of accessories which were designed by Samsung to enhance the user experience on the phone, and with those accessories they offer up a free game to go along with the phone. Visit for more information.

The first of these free online games is Jogo De Glaucno. Jogo De Glaucno is a simple but fun time-saving game that can be played online. It is an arcade style game in which the objective is to eliminate all enemies and gems while reaching the goal block without touching the bottom of the screen. Players can choose between playing as Jogo or his dog, Pico. In this second player mode the action is more difficult and the gem bonus is reduced, but the added challenge makes up for it.

As part of the deal with the Jogo De Glaucno release there are two different versions. The first one is the Jogo Glo De Luxe which offers a different take on the arcade-style game. This game is played in a platformer style and is similar to those popular games you find on the Nintendo Wii, such as Wii sports and Nintendo Wii Fit. In this release the main goal is to eliminate all enemies and Gems while jumping from platform to platform. The second is the Jogo De Luxe Plus, which includes the same levels and objective as the standard Jogo De Glaucno but includes a few extra extras. These include a turbo boost for Pico, and a mega mushroom that help recover power ups.

The second of these free online games no flash is the Samsung Halo Black Gold. With the release of the game came two different versions. The first offers players the classic game play that includes four players, each pairing being led by a special Master. The second offers a variation of the first game with three versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold. There is also a special Master variant in this release featuring blue as the color of the Master character and a raised gold border surrounding the logo.

Included in the second hand release of Jogo De Glaucno is an additional level called the Ultra Boost. It offers more challenge than the previous levels and allows for more people to be involved in the game at once. On this level players have to eliminate all enemies before time runs out. The gold mines on this level also offer double the amount of coins as the previous levels and have even more health than the previous levels. Players on Facebook can now purchase these games with real money instead of using their points from the Facebook application.

If you have yet to try one of the free online games for Samsung Halo not staying connected to wifi, I urge you to do so. The competition has never been tighter than it is right now and it promises to be exciting for all gamers out there. If you are unsure of what the different modes and levels are all about simply looking through the free second hand version of the game to get a good idea. When you feel you have had enough of the challenges that are thrown your way make sure you log into the free online version to try again. The great thing about these games is that if they don’t interest you anymore you can simply try another one!

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