Cotswold 20mm Decorative Chippings Half Bulk Bag

We can help you select the right colour and the right amount for the task at hand. We’ll simply just need you to provide us with a few measurements and we’ll be able to work out a rough estimate for the amount you need. No one wants to be throwing away money, so we’ll ensure that you’ll have the right amount of gravel and won’t be buying more than you need.

A popular rounded pebble like stone, with attractive shades of light and da.. Using Slate Chippings, gravel or aggregates is the best way to transform any garden, drive, path or pond. By adding aggregate or gravel you can complement your existing planting and landscaping. It must be the easiest way of adding value to your property. Gardeners can also use these aggregates and gravels as mulches. Used on top of soil they can aid moisture retention in the Summer and provide insulation from temperature fluctuation.

Calculate how much gravel you need, place an order here, and our fast and reliable delivery service will take care of the rest. Our 10mm Decorative stone Half Ton Bags are also available for collection at our Wolverhampton yard where you can collect and pay for your goods. If you live local to us and prefer this option, contact our team and we can arrange this for you. Our green slate chippings are a very popular and attractive decorative grav..

3 1/2 “” processed stone is a compaction material which is comprised of sand & rock. It is best used as a base under asphalt, concrete, & paving stones. Sukudon Beautiful natural stones in Various Sizes Elegant in Red Fabric Bag Ideal for Children, Treasure Hunting, Healing Stones, Decoration, Gemstone Playing and much more. Decorative aggregate for paths and driveways but also sometimes used for drainage. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, with easy checkouts online, next-day delivery service and knowledgeable staff. Our calculator well help you to work out exactly how many bags of gravel you will need. Country Supplies over the last 25 years has built its reputation and loyal customer base by reliably delivering high quality, consistent products, economically to both site and home.

Our golden gravel is an attractive multicoloured natural aggregate and the perfect accompaniment for drives and ground cover. It’s semi-angular, so will not displace on drives as much as smaller materials will. It’s also a very distinctive choice for borders, rockeries and ground cover. We deliver our 10mm gravel bulk bags all across the UK.

Larger sized bulk bags than most competitors makes it the perfect choice where a cost effective product is important. This cream coloured stone is predominantly used for drives and footpaths as it gives a warm, bright appearance but it can also be used for any landscaping project. Just like our selection of sand, we supply decorative aggregates in 25kg handy bags for smaller projects and 800kg bulk bags for larger developments. For best results when laying paths, make sure you prepare the ground and consider installing a weed membrane to prevent any unwanted green growth in the future. On driveways, opt for larger chippings, as these will stay in place for longer and should not get caught in your tyre treads. For more information regarding our selection of decorative aggregates and their suitability for use on driveways or as pond bedding, please click on the links below.

Plum Slate is a beautiful purple slate chipping that will ensure your garde.. Available in either a 6mm or 20mm stone size, these Limestone Chippings ar.. Black granite is a 20mm sized dark stone that will help to make a striking.. Local Shingle is a very popular general purpose shingle ideal for a multit..

Using decorative gravel is just one of the ways you can achieve this with numerous colours available. We also have helpful drivers that will do whatever they can to safely get your bulk bag to wherever best suits you. We also offer our customers the option of pickup if they do not require our delivery service, however this will require a vehicle that can handle the load of the selected bag. We offer a wide range of materials for decorative and building purposes to suit the needs of any customer.

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