Cheapest Shipping to Thailand

The following is a comparison of a package sent from Bangkok, Thailand to New York, USA. This comparison shows only base ค่าบริการขนส่ง and doesn’t account for additional services. Moreover, different shipping providers may include additional services like tracking, insurance, and online shipping, so there are other factors besides price and duration to consider. When shipping to Thailand with FedEx, the delivery time and prices differ depending on which service you opt for. Choosing International Economy or Priority will send your parcel at a cost of around $400.

You can check delivery updates, status, and the latest information. Self Collection Pickup your parcel at the nearest service point with our parcel collection service. Rated EXCELLENT by 169 customers for ‘Most Reliable International Courier Services in India. Generally, minimal or no duties are applied to personal goods or gifts sent to Thailand. In case duties are applied by a customs officer, it needs to be paid by the consignee in Thailand.

End Thai products such as handicrafts, home decoration items, fashion jewelry, clothing, bags, gifts, accessories, and much more. • We can work with your Thai suppliers, collect, and consolidate all merchandise from various suppliers, and pick up, pack and send them from Thailand to your home. Give your customers the option to pay by cash in their local currency. We will handle the collection for you and perform remittance to you, in THB. Once picked up, your parcels are transferred to our nearest sorting facility. To attract these customers, you should clearly display and promote your platform’s security credentials.

These claims may drive customers away from using their services, especially if they’re shipping valuable or fragile items. Take such complaints lightly, as everyone will have different experiences. I also recommend new customers look at their shipping options and rules on the official Thai Post website. This shipping guide details each step in sending items from Thailand to anywhere abroad. You’ll learn how to prepare your package, assemble and fill out the correct documents, and select the best shipper. You’ll also learn about shipping policies officials use when sending your shipment outside of Thailand.

When sealing the parcel, remember to attach the bill of lading in a visible place. We send such a label to an e-mail address and we provide it in the client’s printable panel. The top reason to use USPS is its flat rate shipping service, which brings down the cost of shipping heavy parcels to Thailand. If you’re interested in insuring a package through FedEx, check out their list of insurance options or refine your search in the upper right box. For shipping restrictions, check out the FedEx Thailand export restrictions.

USPS offers a flat rate for shipments of different dimensions. No matter what the weight of the parcel, you will need to pay only a fixed rate. USPS Priority Mail International® Large Flat Rate Box is a good example of the flat rate service on offer. You must have heard of DHL International GmbH, an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service.

Natural calamities sometimes force cargos to be directed and unloaded at an undesignated port. Hence, businesses need to entrust their goods with a freight forwarder who has the capability and experience of handling such scenarios and implementing the right solutions. It is challenging to gauge the capabilities of the firms by their claim, which is why GoodFirms is here to assist you with a list of the most competent shipping companies in Thailand. Navigate through this smart to make an informed decision as per your business needs.

When it comes to shipping times, it’s best to contact a freight forwarder to see what option is best for you. Shipping by air and sea are not always the quickest and slowest methods, respectively. Sometimes shipping by sea will be quicker than shipping by air. If you’re shipping a palette of feathers, for example, the shipper would charge you by dimensional weight. Otherwise, they’d lose money because the real weight is so light.

Once you manage to determine what you can send in the package, order the shipment. Those considering container shipping will have to begin by choosing a freight forwarder. A freight forwarder is a firm that acts as an intermediary between you and a commercial freight shipping company. And there was surely an occasion when each of us had to send a gift to a friend, a commodity to a customer, documents to a business partner.

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