10 Best Energy-Efficient Electric Heaters

It is our opinion that these unique radiators look best when installed in bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and other spaces that use neutral or soft tones. If you’re running an office or commercial space and want a discreet solution to heating your room electrically, these glass panel heaters are a great alternative to plug-in heaters. Here at Trade Radiators, we have a massive choice of electric radiators in stock, with prices you won’t find anywhere else. Our range promises simple but effective electric heaters that will match the décor in any room.

The key differences are in the appearance of the radiator, its method of heating and the degree of control provided by the built-in heat management system. Minimising the heater’s wall projection so that the unit stays close to the wall. The NETTA Slimeline electric panel heater has two settings, so you can keep it on low power to be “eco” at 500W, or full power for “extra toasty” at 1000W. Available in white or anthracite, vertical or horizontal, the DQ Vela range is a great place to start if you want that touch of designer class in your home and attached to your electric heating system. With monthly costs so high, it’s also hard to save money just in case of a dreaded boiler breakdown. When the worst happens, families can go without heating or hot water for days or weeks.

Additionally, the Caldo and Vitra have leg brackets included, so it can be either wall mounted or portable. With their ultra-modern design and high-quality finish, we are proud to stock these electric vertical radiators that would look perfect in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway. The flat panel design looks incredibly stylish and shows what a long way electric radiator technology has come since the old days of plugin electric heaters. Many of our electric radiators wall mounted come with Bluetooth or WiFi control capabilities so you can manage your heating straight from your phone.

With specialised models for high ceilinged rooms and super-slim designs to help maximise space, our range offers premium flexibility for a range of room layouts. DIY-friendly, these plug-in electric radiators also come with the fixtures and fittings needed for easy installation. Better yet, all of our wall mounted heaters come with a free next working day delivery, for ultimate convenience. So, order your own wall mounted electric radiator today to enjoy energy efficient heating tomorrow.

The Arlec Aluminium Radiator provides high outputs and rapid response heating. The Arlec comes with digital timer display, remote control and multiple heating modes . This quality electric radiator can be installed by wall mounting… They are able to be adjusted individually to accommodate the heating requirements of different rooms, including daily schedules and temperature settings.

If you’re looking to buy wall mounted electric radiators, look no further. Best Electric Radiators is a leading brand in the electric radiator market with significant experience in the field. We take pride in listening to our customers and advising them about our full range of products to ensure they get the most suitable electric radiator for their needs. It can be quite a difficult task finding suitable electric radiators for your home. Whilst there are many types of electrical radiators available it’s not always easy to find a style and colour which complement the décor in your home.

This requires the user to know how much heat will be required a whole day ahead of using it – leading to inevitable inefficiency if the weather, or the user’s daily activities, are not exactly as expected. As a property developer, there’s no telling what level of skill your future tenants might hold when it comes to using the house’s technical systems. Older gas heating systems often come with unnecessarily complex operating systems, and wear and tear over the years can make these even less operable for the average user. Even if this is not the case and you are the one handling the energy bills, you still want to make sure that whichever heating system you have, it is easy for you to use and manage.

There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, and they do not directly produce carbon dioxide either, so as well as running quietly they run clean. A major reason many choose electric radiators and panel heaters for their homes is due to the low amount of maintenance needed to keep them working to their optimal level. Radiator-based heating systems are reliant on pipes, hot water and expensive components like pumps and boilers – all of which require regular maintenance in order to keep them running smoothly. Electric radiators on the other hand, have very few moving parts, relying on an element to convert electricity into heat. In the unlikely event an electric radiator does require maintenance, it doesn’t impact on the heating in the rest of the home.

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